Eris is so far. Like super far.

It’s so far that we don’t really know what it looks like. We humans only found out about it in 2005. This painting is how someone cool imagines it to be.


This is another imaginary painting. It sort of looks like Pluto in this picture. Eris is a bit bigger than Pluto.
This is another imaginary drawing of what the Earth looked like when Eris came closer than usual to it in 2010. It cast a shadow. In this painting that shadow is over South America.
Eris has one moon. We named it Dysnomia. That’s because we named this dwarf planet Eris. And in Greek mythology, Dysnomia is the name of Eris’ daughter.
This is a real picture. We took it from a telescope in space called the Hubble telescope. It shows Eris in the middle looking like a star. The little dot on the left is Dysnomia.