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Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun. It is the second largest and has sixty-two moons and the most beautiful rings. They’re made of ice, rock and dust.
Saturn_Storm cassini 2011.jpg
The weather can get quite intense on Saturn. Winds can reach 1800 kilometers per hour. The fastest ever recorded wind speed on Earth is 408 kilometers per hour.
Saturn_System_Montage_-_GPN-2000-000439 Voyager 1980.jpg
This is a picture of Saturn with a few of its prominent moons taken in 1980 from Voyager I, now the farthest spacecraft from Earth.
This is Enceladus – one of Saturn’s moons composed mainly of water vapour. It also seems to be spewing out geyser-like water jets into space from its southern pole. 
Saturn takes about twenty-nine and a half Earth years to orbit the Sun.