Earth_Western_Hemisphere blue marble.jpg
This is Earth. It’s very blue and white and green and has a lot of water. It’s home to life as we know it.¬†
This is an astronaut orbiting Earth while outside the spacecraft. Humans have only been visiting space¬†for about 55 years. So it’s very very new and cool.
NASA-Apollo8-Dec24-Earthrise  Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on.jpg
This is the first earthrise witnessed by a human. It took place on December 24th, 1968.
Oak trees like this one are from Earth and share about seventy percent of their DNA with humans. DNA is the language of life and all life on Earth is written in it. We still haven’t found any writing of the sort anywhere else.
This is a view of the Atlantic coast from the International Space Station. It’s constantly spinning around Earth carrying a few people. If you want to see where it is now go here.